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Auto Transport Research Thousand Vehicles Were Shifted

Nowadays, vehicle transport services are common for transporting cars across country. A lot of people consider relocating their cars, yet they do not know the numbers of car being transported each month in the United States. Recently we have conducted a survey and consulted with few of the industry’s biggest giant to know the numbers of car they transport per month on average. After consulting with more than 50 moving companies in all states, we came to know about following results:

More than 200 thousand vehicles were being shipped during the month of October. About 2.3 to 2.4 million vehicles have been shipped in the last 12 months. Note: while we were surveying, our focus was only used cars. So these stats only reflect the numbers of used cars being transported.

You might be wondering who the biggest consumer of Car Transport industry is. We have figured this out during our survey and found following facts: Individuals, who are relocating across the country because of personal or professional reasons, mostly prefer vehicle transport services to take their cars along with them. People, who have purchased cars from sellers in other states, did hire vehicle transporters for moving car to desired address.

Automotive dealers contracted auto shippers for transporting cars to their customers’ locations. Owners of vehicles caught up in accidents or unfortunate accidents, used car shipping services for transporting their inoperable cars. People, who prefer being in south and north areas during winter and summer respectively, also hire auto transporters.

Besides, there can be various other consumers of vehicle transport services. These stats show that how busy is the auto carrier industry which ships significant cars on regular basis. Over past couple of years, supercars have got a huge attention of car enthusiasts because of their powerful features and highly tuned engines. Even though expensive, yet enthusiasts do not miss a chance to ride if they get their hands on any of supercar to ride and race. Like 2012, a number of supercars are in line to show up for 2013. Here is the list of few supercars to watch out next year

Out of all most expensive and high performance cars, Beatty Verona is considered best and fastest Car Transport Interstate. There are number of features that make it a super car. For example, there are ten radiators in Verona. While three radiators keep the engine cool, one exchanges heat for air to liquid intercoolers, two regulate AC, one oil radiator, one transmission oil radiator, one engine oil radiator, and one hydraulic oil radiator work for spoiler. Besides Now sometimes it’s dangerous for me because people in cars are just blatantly a**holes to me. If I am in the road—where I legally belong—people will yell at me to get on the sidewalk. If I am on the sidewalk—which is sometimes the safest place to be—people will yell at me to get on the road. People in cars think it’s funny to roll down their window and yell something right when they get beside me or to splash me on purpose. People I have never met are angry at me for just being on a bike in “their” road and they let me know with colorful language and other acts of aggression


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