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Most Common Computer Problems

Computers have become omnipresent in today’s world. The dependence on computers can be felt across all walks of life, be it business, education or social life. In fact, as the owner of a small or medium business, your work might come to a standstill if your computer breaks down. Fortunately, computer repairs Melbourne services sort out the problems and get your computer working again. Nevertheless, as a computer user, it is always helps to be aware of the most common computer problems.

Most computer repairs Melbourne services work on two types of computer problems – hardware issues and software issues.

Slow computers

Sometimes, your computer suddenly begins to function slowly. The reasons can be different, including misalignment of programmes in the hard drive, fragmented files, RAM decline, redundant software programmes and virus attacks. The solution to this problem depends on the cause of slowness. A computer repairs Melbourne expert can diagnose the issue and remedy it.

Malware attack

Malware includes Trojan horses, spyware, viruses, worms, adware and other programs that are developed to cause harm to your computer. These programs run in the background and slow down the system even in the booting stage. Malware can cause more harm than just slowing down the computer. If you notice problems such as duplicate programs or some suspicious activity in your computer, you need to call a computer repairs Melbourne service to get the system cleaned.

Discoloured screen

Discolouration of the screen is a common hardware problem. The screen becomes a bright shade of blue or green, thereby hurting your eyes. The common cause of screen discolouration is damaged monitor cable. Replacing the cable can be a remedy to this problem. If the discolouration is due to other causes, the PC repairs Melbourne expert can diagnose it and solve the issue.

Booting issues

Booting issues can disrupt the computer. Owing to booting issues, your computer may not start at all. Your computer might hang during the boot process, the screen might go blank and you might get some error messages. You need a computer repairs Melbourne expert to solve the problem.


Crash” is a generic term used for several computer problems. The term might mean a defunct RAM, hard disk or software. An expert IT Support Melbourne service can identify the right reason of crash and get the system running again. Usually, if a component of the hardware crashes, you’ll have to replace it. If the software crashes, you can try restarting the computer. If it still does not work, reload the software.

In order to get your system running perfectly again, you need to hire an efficient computer repairs Melbourne expert.


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