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Wood burning stoves and airtight buildings


Wood burning stoves and airtight buildings don’t go all that well together, we need to have a dedicated air supply to the stove, through it and out of the flue – so the draw of the stove isn’t interfering with the mechanical ventilation system. Fortunately, quite a lot of stoves these days seem to have a manifold for a direct air supply, but as the air comes in through the concrete floor slab, we needed to decide the position of the stove at the time the slab was poured. We then ended up with a pipe coming up through the slab – here’s a photo of Tom smoothing the concrete around the air intake, back in April I think. The two wee pipes either side of the big one are to run cold water round a quenching coil in the stove if it’s over-heating – more about that later.

The trouble was, when the frame arrived, the first floor joists went exactly where the flue should have gone Heating Consultant Melbourne. What was worse, the joists were re-enforced to take the weight of the thermal store, so there was nothing for it but to move the stove. By this time, of course, the concrete was set! So, here’s Tom again, chopping out the hole to move the pipes.

Once the hole had been filled back in, it all looks fine – but there was probably a day of work figuring out how to sort the thing out and then doing it. However it is interesting to see the ideas in your house and in the Handbook. It gives a benchmark for comparing our old leaky things. We did think our house was a bit old and cold and haughty. I am in the process of adding more loft insulation. But now we have realized that we are living in a Wood heaters Melbourne!

And you also get another view of the quenching pipes – these are needed because the stove has a back boiler which is part of a pressurized system. In the Melbourne, solid fuel stoves in pressurized systems are still viewed with a great deal of suspicion, the issue being that, unlike with gas or oil, the heat source can’t be switched off quickly if everything goes pear-shaped. The Wood fire stove gets around this by squirting cold water into a coil in the boiler if the flue temperature gets too hot.

The pressure to get this done was because we have kitchen fitters in this week, and they needed (a) the stove installed, and (b) the floor laid before they could get to work Wood Heater Direct.


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