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Wood Heater Landscape plan – one step closer

I have made the mistake before of not having a master plan. The master plan guides all of your future thinking. So today, I launch into my 600 square meter dirt patch with the desire to have a plan. Too many landscapes evolve and look patchy, disjointed and desperate. It is all about the flow – people! (I read that somewhere)

I have long wanted a master plan to drive the vision – and sub projects for when the budget can stretch to each piece Heating Consultant Melbourne. The plan is all about screening out the world and providing me with an Amazonian garden filled with rich fruits, berries and herbs. Think summer berry festivals of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

The house must be enveloped by the garden and the garden must command a feature role in every window. Oh, and did I say everything has to be edible! Thankfully lots of fruits endear themselves to a garden. Think blueberry clumps, guava hedges, dripping peppiness, artistic tomatillos, feature figs, pears, and cherry trees (in blossom. Wow!) Banana palms and abbacy palms will add some tropical teeming as well.

Then comes the hard part; I have found it really difficult to find a landscape company to make my garden a reality. I have searched far and wide. My search has included award winning designers, local designers, not so famous designers, a few garden fanatics turned designers. The brief is a bit strange – 100% edible and rooms and function and beauty. And flow Burgh! My head hurts.

Then I was referred to Jason from Genus Landscape Architects. From the second I saw Jason’s designs I was intrigued. He’s a busy guy who does a lot of residential work in Melbourne’s south east; along with a heap of volume builder work and commercial garden work with Wood heaters Melbourne.

Jason came out for a site tour in the mud. The land wasn’t looking its best. But he wasn’t seeing mud; he was seeing rooms, views, and greenery. He took us on a journey of what it could be like. I had a sketch in my back pocket of what I wanted; I’m pleased to say that it won’t be needed! Talk about the amateur versus the professional.

I must say, I’m not a very easy client – I love my garden to bits. I’m also highly opinionated on what I want I don’t want Right now he’s quietly working away on my grand plan, so we best not bother him just yet. Hopefully we’ll have something to share very soon Wood Heater Direct.

Oh, and I found a few avocados hanging in the breeze on the block so excited. And a big pooh-poohs to the landscape companies that didn’t even bother to return my calls. Or worse, the couple of companies that promised to come out and never showed up. I appreciate you have a lot of work on, but your reputation is only as good as your word.


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