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Gas Log Fires ambience on the market

There are many gas log fires on the market today. Open gas log fires are for ambience; they heat very little and consume more gas than a sealed gas log fire. Sealed gas log fires are genuine space heaters heating from 80 square meters to 150 square meters, some of these have very good star ratings, the higher the star rating the more efficient they are. A 5 star gas heater will cost 30% less to run than a 3 star heater.

Most of the inbuilt gas log fires are zero clearance which means they can be built into timber and plaster, or you can cut a hole in the wall and encase the heater with a weather casing on the outside.

There is no more efficient heater on the market. Heats up to 150 square meters, the flue is 40mm PVC pipe which makes for an easy and flexible installation. The heater has an automatic humidifier built into the heater. With a heating capacity of 250 sq meters and a star rating of 5.4 the new IS900 has a combustion process which delivers high efficiency and high heat output as well as a beautiful looking Wood heaters Melbourne.

The Contra hermitage and the Grange are the freestanding models. The Hermitage has been a great seller for year’s heats 100 square meters, looks good, easy to operate, the switches are on the top of the heater. The Chateau is the inbuilt version of the Hermitage. The Grange is 5.1 star and heats 150 square meters, available in a freestanding and an inbuilt model.

Contra is the Aussie icon, proudly Australian made; they have a large range of sizes in freestanding heaters. From the Compact which heats 10 sq’s to the Contra Firelight which heats 30 sq’s. The new Settler range has been just released. The Settler Ranch has a high efficiency of 72% with low emissions of 1.3g/kg, these heats up to 22 sq.

The Arrow wood heater has been keeping families warm for decades. They come with cast iron liners
and cast iron grates plus the convenience of an ash pan. Heat charm has been known as a quality brand for a long time, they have a large range of colors in a gloss or matt finish. The cast iron liners in the firebox retain heat and protect the Wood Fire Direct Melbourne.

The wood heater the ladies love, especially in the ivory color. Joule is a traditional Norwegian company boasting the highest quality standards. Made from cast iron most of the models have a great and ash pan. The large 500 model has a side door for loading logs as well as the front door. Mostly they are chosen for the detail on the stove, they are a showpiece in a room.

Jet master Open Gas Log Fires are mostly decorative Heating Consultant Melbourne. There is a large selection of gas log and coal grates available in different sizes; they have a range of decorative fronts to choose from. These grates can be put into an existing brick chimney or they can be put into a convertor box with a fan.


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