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Good heat pump will Approach a COP


Heat-pumps have been common in Australia for years – reverse-cycle air-conditioners are a form of heat-pump – but the technology has advanced markedly recently. Heat-pumps have an advantage over the plug in units as they use electricity to move heat around, not create it.

Heat-pumps have access to the ambient heat outside your house, even in small amounts, and can concentrate it and put it in your house. Even well below freezing there is enough heat available for this to be worth doing Heating Consultant Melbourne.

Heat-pumps’ performance is reported as a “co-efficient of performance” or COP. This describes the amount of heat transported per unit of energy used to move it. A good heat pump will approach a COP of 5 – five units of heat produced for every unit expended – dependent on the ambient temperature. Newer designs are achieving COPs greater than 3 even when the ambient temperature is as low as -10 degrees.

If you’re thinking of getting a heat-pump, look for one with an EC (electronically commutated) motor; it will be described as “Inverter driven”. A good heat-pump will have a high energy efficiency rating (that is, lots of stars on its label with Wood Fire Direct Melbourne...

To summaries then: insulate your house, as much as you can, in every way available. Then think about how you want to heat it. If emissions are important to you, go for Green Power and a heat pump. If you just want heat, then gas is probably your best bet, but be warned the price is on the way up and likely to outstrip electricity price rises in coming years.

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