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Do anything you can to stop heat going


Then seal all the ancillaries that let heat escape, like bathroom vents and the range hood, which vents outside. This is where renters can get creative and reaps rewards; rolled towels under doors are a good start, but why not go further? Tape a garbage bag over the window that opens onto the neighbor’s bathroom. Block the old chimney with anything you can find. Do anything you can to stop heat going where you want it to go.

Curtains and pelmets are virtually mandatory in cold climates. Curtains must be as heavy as possible, touch the ground and the walls next to the window. Windows are the last great frontier in home insulation; and honestly, there’s no cost-effective way to retrofit them. Energy payback on double-glazing your windows could be close to 70 years. Wood heaters Melbourne But as with all energy efficiency upgrades there is more to it than the energy savings. What is niceness worth to you? How much nicer is it being in a house which is 14 degrees instead of 10? What is that worth to you?

Once your windows are done think about what you can do to the floor. Slabs are hard to change, but there are products for suspended boards which will make a big difference.

You have three choices for heating: electricity, gas and wood. The cost of wood is variable and will likely increase in coming years. The environmental impacts are strongly dependent on your fuel source. Fallen timber is not fair game: it is vital habitat for some animals, so should not be burnt. Particulate emissions are a concern as well Heating Consultant Melbourne.

Gas is great in that it can deliver astonishing amounts of heat quickly, with lower greenhouse gas emissions than grid electricity, but not as low as renewable energy, and the future costs are quite uncertain. Gas heating is traditionally considered to be pretty cheap, but gas prices are tipped by many analysts to climb steeply in the next few years, much as electricity has in the last few years.

That leaves electricity. Unintuitive, it’s the only option which can have zero emissions. Switching your electricity supply to Green Power, an accredited and audited scheme which supplies 100% renewable power means zero emissions electricity any time you want it. But how you use it is very important, as all electric heaters are not created equal Wood Fire Direct Melbourne.

There are two distinct classes of electric heater; plug-in heaters, and heat-pumps (or reverse cycle air conditioners).

All of the plug-in heaters end up at the same efficiency; they convert electricity into heat, the most basic form of energy, and will only ever produce a maximum of 2.4kW. It doesn’t matter how it does it – radiant bars, a hot wire and a fan or a clicking oil-heater – 2.4kW of electricity becomes 2.4kW of heat and not a drop more. Buy the cheapest one you can.


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