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How to Heat your House Efficiently in Melbourne


Wood Heater Direct is a famous fire heating company. Winter is coming, and all across the southern states eyes turn to energy bills and minds towards how to make them smaller. What is the most efficient way to heat your house?

As with anything to do with thermodynamics the answer is complicated, but there are some solid rules to help shape your thinking. Both heating and cooling come down to one fundamental problem; how to put heat where you want it and keep it there. That means outside in summer and inside in winter.

The rate that heat enters or leaves a building is governed by the materials that make up your “building envelope”: the surface which surrounds your living spaces. You have to stop heat crossing the boundary of your walls, ceiling, floor, windows and doors without your permission Wood heaters Melbourne.

We say “without your permission” because in winter your first priority must be getting sunlight into the house and stopping it leaving again.

Direct sunlight is almost entirely ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which passes easily through glass and into your living room. Once it strikes an object it heats up and the sunlight becomes infrared (IR) radiation, which is best thought of as radiant heat. IR radiation doesn’t pass through glass as readily as UV radiation, so the room heats up. Ever left your car in the sun for a day where it is a lovely 25 degrees outside but 60 degrees inside your car? It is exactly this mechanism at work Heating Consultant Melbourne..

Insulation will stop heat crossing boundaries. If you own your house, the path is well trodden and fairly simple. Start with the ceiling, adding the thickest insulation you can find.

Next consider how the wall insulation can be improved. There are some new materials and processes available for this task now and you can pay someone to come and pump insulation into your wall cavity for $2000 and upwards. Doing this can make your house about 2 degrees warmer. Window treatments are just about on-par with walls for making a difference; even more so if you include doors Wood Fire Direct Melbourne.

If you’re on a budget, or renting, there’s a lot you can do with windows and doors. First, seal all the gaps around doors in the house, even the internal ones, to control the size of your heated space; there are rubber seals that can do the job for doors and windows.


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