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Transporting cars interstate Service Area in Melbourne


Auto Logistics Car Transport has been a family closely-held business transporting cars interstate for over forty seven years. We are able to organize the transport of your door to door or depot to depot in office, QLD, VIC and SA. Machine provision automotive Transport is one among the pioneering vehicle transportation firms in Australia; we tend to pride ourselves on wonderful client service, prompt delivery, with competitive rates for people moreover as firms. You’ll be able to contact Auto Logistics. Simply by filling out the quote request type, or by contacting one among our friendly employee’s members directly.

We would like to introduce to you our company,Car Transport, which was one among the primary automotive moving transporters established in Australia. We’ve got been in operation within the business since 1963 as A severally closely-held company that makes a specialty of interstate automotive transport. We might wish to request the chance to help you with automotive transporting desires, as we’ve got currently expanded into way North Australian state and Australian state to be able to assist you along with your transport necessities. SMB automotive Transport Pty Ltd, antecedently best-known machine provision providing specialist vehicle transportation services to a fledgling market. In 1992 my married woman and that i purchased the corporate from my father and continued to figure the business primarily as a sole merchandiser / operator.

As the business continued and our name for providing customized service unfold for the Car Transport Australia, the pressures to expand on the far side one truck operation resulted within the would like for a few major changes to our Company. Therefore, in 1998 my married woman and that I re-evaluated our choices and set to plan to variety of major business initiatives that may see the corporate grow while maintaining our commitment to our underlying goals of Growth continued essentially because of our honesty, reliable nest and business expertise,

Car Transport Interstate Our purchasers were pressing U.S.A. and seeking services outside our core market being then state capital to Melbourne. In November 1999 we tend to answer the decision and extended our services to incorporate state capital. therefore from a sole merchandiser with a one-truck operation in 1993 to a competitive, solid and revered transport Company that we tend to square measure currently with over thirty trucks and trailers running the East Coast we’ve got once {more} kicked off a replacement venture conjugation the way North Australian state region and more recently, Australian state.


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