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Auto Logistics Show car Point services in Melbourne


Auto Logistics is a specialized freight & customs service for all motorcycles internationally.

• We ship Car via Air, Sea & Road Freight.
• We Customs & Quarantine clear all motorcycles.
• We crate, uncrate, & dispose of your crate.
• We insure your Car whilst in transit.
• We, DELIVER your Car.

Car Transport Australia FREE advice and discounted rates apply to all core motorcycle enthusiasts such as:

• Tourists- We is the travel agent for your bike.
• Dealers, Distributors & Car Industry Bodies.
• Tour Groups, Race Events & Corporate Road Shows.
• Motorcycle Media – TV, Film & Press.

It relies on what large machine(s) you are looking to deliver and the start/end location; however there are certainly some typical techniques in large equipment Vehicle Transport delivery.

  • We handle website pick-up and distribution for you.
  • In some circumstances we can take apart them to fit in conventional containers which is normally the most cost-effective choice, though this is not always possible and the cost to take apart sometimes surpasses the cost advantages.
  • Preparation of the product is very essential to avoid the gadgets being rejected or asking for a lot of cash in cleaning and filtration when it comes in the country. If you are unclear then we can do the cleaning for you to create sure no dirt or contamination is existing.
  • We collect your gadgets and deal with all the customs and port specifications; if cranes are required to increase your gadgets then we can handle it all for you.
  • Non-operational huge gadgets can be handled by us where a main error has occurred i.e. sleek battery energy pack, tires, gas issues and more.
  • Loading and lashing is handled by experienced professionals who comprehend operating aspects and weight distribution. You can rest confident your useful gadgets will not shift needlessly during transport.
  • We handle gadgets disassembly to create it configurable for less costly gadgets distribution.
  • On overall look we will pre-clear your gadgets with customs so there are no keep ups with evaluation by separate. Should your system need to be washed for separate acceptance we have outstanding relationships with the spots and fresh clefs to get your system removed and off the port as soon as possible.

Our Worldwide Car Transport Interstate Delivery & Customs suppliers are as dedicated as we are in providing the RIGHT remedy for you. We talk about each other individual’s regional information and attention to make customer proper care each and every time.



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