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Housekeeping Services Apartment Washing in Melbourne

Lexy Team Washing Alternatives always do our best to meet up with up with your ‘one-off’ cleaning needs; we will trip all over Victoria. However we are currently not able to coming back up all sub places within our 50km wide range of assistance for regular, organized shows up (for example on a every week, fortnightly or monthly basis). The map to the staying provides an indication of the position we can assistance for regular shows up. Please contact our booking office to discuss your needs and our workers will suggest whether you are in our assistance position.

Lexy Hospitality Melbourne is the comprehensive wide range of your power and attempt you need is identified by the comprehensive wide range of projects your need and the sizing your home. If you are unclear of your requirements, contact the workplace to discuss with one of our useful professionals.

Whether you want washing during organization time, before or after organization time or even on the few times, we can make sure your organization is never affected. Cleaning Alternatives are a suggested organization of home help solutions for Perform Secured, Perform Secured and the Commercial Cleaning Service Melbourne.

We know that the Perform Secured, Perform Secured and TAC process can be a complicated one and we are here to create it a little easier for you. All we need to start is a few details about you and your insurance plan strategy plan organization and we can get the solutions you provide up and working within days! We cope with the certification for you so you are definitely able to pay attention to the more important things!

Ability includes:

  • Stadium, place and occasion cleaning
  • Heavy and mild expert environments
  • General cleaning
  • Housekeeping
  • Sterile washing (healthcare, foods processing)
  • Waste management & recycling
  • Ground and lawn maintenance
  • Washroom washing services
  • Pest control


It’s our comprehensive history of alternatives and our produce to provide first category assistance support that allows us to take a place out as the market control. However, there are many more benefits to be knowledgeable when you choose us for your house cleaning in Victoria. Melbourne Housekeeping Washing Services provides flexible, top-quality and effective cleaning for small to method companies. Whatever your organization type, from workplaces, benefits through to retail shop store shop, we can provide a cleaning service designed to your organization needs


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