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Australia Car shipping & Deliver in all over the world


Auto Logistics Car Transport is best option to shipping a bike in all over the world. However there are certainly some common procedures in motorbike shipping.

  • Your Car Transport Australia needs to be clean and clean to avoid any issues with separate on overall look.
  • All Cars need to be crated unless distribution as a group in a program. In most locations we offer crating, battery energy pack disconnection, energy burning and energy burning in variety with distribution specifications.
  • There are exclusive specifications on the type of wood that can be used for creating crates, so if you strategy to create your own motorcycle either use a steel crate or create it from what is known as ISPM15 wood. If in query keep it to us, non-compliant wood cannot be provided.
  • If you are going on a journey and then arriving coming returning to your country of resource then we would suggest using a “Carnet”. This is a customs documents that allows you to get into your items into a country on a short-term base without having to pay taxes and obligations (normally for a period of up to one year)
  • In some countries (like Melbourne) we can apply for GST omission. There are some specifications, but as a idea if you are immigrating to the country and already own the bike then we can apply for an omission for you.

If you desire of having a Car Transport Interstate, but it just seems too hard to arrange all the globally distribution and customs specifications then we can help you. When planning a trip talk about to Taurus Techniques first, we can help you on how to effectively reduce your costs, not pay taxes and reduced obligations.

Vehicle Transport is one of a very few of globally distribution forwarders that offer particular huge devices distribution solutions. We discuss the same language, so we know what you are referring to when you call and want to deliver a skid guide, D9 or a log forwarder.



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