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Affordable Office Cleaning and Washing Services Australia

Lexy Group is sensitive to the needs of maintenance Gov divisions and we understand the particular method and process required in maintenance this specific market.

Lexy Group needs that all employees have current cop’s tests and we can make sure complete balance, commitment and efficiency. We are extremely aware that maintenance Gov segments needs the greatest of client convenience and convenience and Lexy Group can guarantee that all team providing this market is effectively chosen based on encounter and market particular information. Whether it is Local, State or Govt Government, Lexy Group has both the abilities and encounter to provide a particular service to this market industry.

Through our understanding in selecting the right individuals to work within this atmosphere, we have successfully offered the results that are well known by both team and individuals as well.  Our Commercial Cleaning Service are always conscious of customer’s particular needs, often finishing washing periods and preparing washing applications to coordinate team applications, viewing hours and other particular elderly people care service requirements.

We understand that there is a need for medical care sites, especially medical care features and assisted living features, to maintain a sanitary and amazing site at all periods. We can meet this need due to our looking after, professional team as well as regular effective assessments to make sure full submission at all periods. Our Workers are a expert and conscious of Work-related Health and Problems of protection as well as the value of in complete guarantee and convenience.

Melbourne Housekeeping provides a ‘one stop shop’ experience in servicing components from regular cleaning alternatives, rug and display cleaning, hard floor cleaning and re-sealing, provide of bathing room and papers products and other professional alternatives such as spend removal, hygiene alternatives and environmental reuse, just to name a few. Lexy Group takes the pressure out of using a wide range of suppliers to back up your building needs by providing an all-round personalized assistance distribution with Work-related, Health and Guidelines of protection at all times.

Lexy Group Cleaning Services Modern Australia can personalize a cleaning program to manufacturing sites of all dimensions, which range from the transport industry to the medication industry. Our cleaning categories are available night and day to make sure no efficient disruptions to your business.  At Housekeeping companies Melbourne we understand that protection is a concern at your office. Our washing solutions are effectively certified and inducted into each site allowing us to offer a great washing service to you while distribution with existing Work-related Health and Security guidelines. Along with our regular professional washing system we can also incorporate more particular manufacturing washing solutions as they are required in your office.


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