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Shopping Middle & Business Office Washing Service

Our skills in providing cleaning services for purchasing malls and retail store stores varies from our local community features, through to major purchasing center buildings and display rooms.

Lexy Group has been able to obtain the greatest level of public liability common policy, offering the level of security that our customers need. We understand that no two areas are the same and Lexy Team experience and size means we can look after any purchasing mall, retail store or large building provide production features.

Our services include:
• Car park & outside cleaning
• Food court cleaning
• Graffiti removal
• Emergency cleans
• Hygiene & washroom services and supplies
• Security

 At Apartment Cleaning Melbourne we know that just as all our customers’ businesses vary, so do their washing specifications. With this in mind, we cooperate with our customers to design the best value support to suit their individual needs.

Hospital Cleaning Service We knows that Kindness washing is very different to any other. We identify the requirement to convert property from often a much dirty overall look to a clean, strong & refined demonstration on a regular basis. Commercial Cleaning Melbourne Our expertise in the goodness cleaning area gives us the experience, knowledge and ability to provide the challenging high requirements so essential in the goodness market.  Lexy Group customers in the goodness market range from small functions and bars to key groups.

Lexy Group needs that all staff has current cop’s tests ensuring our reliability; commitment as well as are second to none. This results in Lexy Group popularity being highly recognized and well known by our goodness customers.  The services at Lexy Group also increase to features, events and entertainment places.

Outsourced Housekeeping Melbourne knows that quality and stability in hygiene and hygiene is crucial for the health and fitness of children and the environment in which they invest some time. Through our looking after and knowing technique, we have designed powerful and trustworthy relationships with numerous schools and childcare features. We are highly devoted to the training and learning and childcare industry and can work in and around school hours, group conventions and planning school holiday cleaning to coordinate group and children.


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