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Best Solutions for your IT Support Services in Melbourne

Xpress Tex best for your IT Solutions by a highly experienced management team, Connected Intelligence has grown into one of Australia’s leading IT outsourcing solutions for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises).  Since then, our belief that the majority of small to medium sized businesses struggle with their technology needs has been proven true. Each solution is tailored to the need of the business. Every organization is different, with different software and hardware needs, different networking demands, and different security and access issues.

Today, our passion and commitment to this often-overlooked and under-supported group is stronger than ever with IT Support Melbourne.  The key to our success is service, and innovation. Our Client Services Officers make it their business to know your business. Only then will they collaborate with our systems engineers to develop a genuine solution to a genuine problem. IT staff are stretched to the limit trying to manage the day-to-day needs of users. There’s pressure from management to explain why the expectations of users aren’t being met. And yet the funds available to resolve these concerns are nowhere near enough.

Our assessment of your needs, and our solution, relies on a complete understanding of your business processes, not ours. To help us deliver, we have strategic partnerships and associations with a large number of hardware and software vendors IT Support Melbourne. This ensures we remain completely unbiased in the design and implementation of any solutions – whilst also maintaining a solid support network. Many organizations turn to Connected Intelligence. An outsourced IT support and management resource that can be as comprehensive as required, or as focused as need be.

Our diverse skills and resources revolve around our specialization in the design, support and management of systems that allow your business to do what it does best. We have been working with Connected Intelligence for just under two years now and have been more than satisfied with their service. Being in the transport and supply chain industry, things change quickly so if there are any IT problems we need a rapid response. We work with organizations large, and small IT Support Melbourne. Providing 24 hour IT helpdesk support, procurement and consulting services, network and maintenance solutions, and security monitoring. All at the click of a mouse. At Connected Intelligence, we tailor the solution to suit the business. Backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that puts our commitment in writing.


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