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Why import a boat transport interstate in Melbourne

There are pros and cons to both buying locally and from overseas. The used boat and yacht market in Australia is small and very limited, and for this reason used boats and yachts maintain a higher value than countries such as the USA and throughout Europe. Looking onboard for improves variety vessels and luxury yachts available to you for buy, there is also various manufacturers of vessels and luxury yachts not available in Sydney which have brought in from international.

With a higher variety of vessels and luxury yachts comes many more good deals but many more tanks as well so you must continue but be careful, and make sure manage process properly, as there is no guarantees or reimbursements on used brought in vessels and luxury yachts, so guaranteeing you have approved underwater study performed before purchase is important to the Boat Transport. A study is also required for insurance statements.

Done correctly the international shipping of boats and yachts can not only save you money on the purchase, but get you a

  • Higher quality boat or yacht
  • A brand or boat or yacht not available in Australia
  • Less engine hours
  • Only used in fresh water
  • More accessories included
  • And much more

If you are interested in importing a boat or yacht from the USA please follow the below link as we have dedicated page which explains the process specific to the USA market

Boat Transport Australia: Lengthy Seaside & Slot Gentle CA, Calgary & Tacoma WA. Eastern Coast: Las Vegas, Western Hand Seaside & The city of Jacksonville FL, Brunswick & Savannah GA, Charleston SC, Baltimore MD, New You are able to, and Cardiff RI, in the USA. In Europe, Southampton, UK, Le Havre, France, Bremerhaven, Germany, Antwerp, Belgium, Santander, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Genoa, La Spezia, Italy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Ligroin, Greece & Mersin, Turkey.

Services also run from New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, & Dubai. Destination ports are Sydney, Newcastle, Port Kemble, Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide, & Darwin in Australia. Auckland, Taranga, Littleton, Nelson & Wellington in Zealand. La Toucan, & Suva in Fiji, Trademarked in Vanuatu.

The size must be of a highest possible of 4.2m to fit within the gates of the common boat on Break-bulk solutions for vessels such as their cradles, and a MAFI if needed, a MAFI is a huge movie trailer used for hauling on huge fixed freight such as vessels on cradles. The size for a MAFI is 0.8m great. There are veins available with greater entrance levels but these veins are more costly.

All Trailers will require a Transfer Movie trailer Allow from the Division of Facilities. The highest possible lawful size of a trailer in Australia is 2.5m without you demanding a street allow for transportation whenever you want to take your vessel out.

Boats Transport Interstate with a height greater than 4.2m must be shipped as on deck cargo and needs to be loaded via crane either from the port or directly from the water.


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