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Interstate Car Transport best services in Melbourne

Auto Logistics is providers are professionals in the supply of cost-effective road car transportation services across Sydney. We provide door-to-door, depot-to-depot and many other choices such as products in automobile and non drivable car holding.

Our Door-to-Door car transportation choice provides included comfort in that we choose up and transportation your car to places of your selecting.

Our Depot-to-Depot car holding support is available in all capitals and most nation cities with Car Transport Interstate. Where there is no store we can often organize for you to fall your car off at an automobile store, lease position or other appropriate conference position available by the long-distance car services providers. Depot to store is often the most affordable way for you to shift your car, particularly if the automobile needs to be shifted to or from an external suburban position or nation position.

In order to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible we’ve developed the following handy hints to help you prepare your vehicle for Car Transport.

1) Make sure you vehicle has sufficient ground clearance. All parts of the vehicle will need to be more than 150 mm off the ground, including the exhaust. Otherwise they are too low for standard car carriers and will need to be re-classified as ‘non-drivable’.
2) Disable the car alarm or it could go off en-route and flatten the battery.
3) Make a list of any operational problems with your vehicle.
4) Remove any personal items from the car, including perishables (e.g. Food, beverages, etc.)
5) Leave around a quarter of a tank of fuel in the vehicle.
6) Remove any explosive materials from the vehicle (petrol cans, aerosols, etc.)
7) Detach and remove any external specialty items from the car (e.g. Bonnet protectors, etc.)
8) Retract/remove external aerials from the Vehicle Transport.
9) We require pre-payment for all jobs. If you are paying via EFT ensure that you transfer payment for all charges with enough time for the funds to show in our accounts This happens overnight Monday to Friday, but EFTs made after 5pm Friday are not in our account until Tuesday morning (meaning we could not pickup your vehicle till Wednesday – unless you pay by EFT) .
10) Wash your car to ensure that any imperfections can be identified easily prior to transport.
That’s it! A few helpful hints steps to make sure your car transport service run smoothly!

If you’re looking for a cost-effective road car service provider you’ve come to the right position. Save your money – get a quotation and guide your car transportation service online all in the same place!



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