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Car Transport & Car Carrying with Auto Logistics Company

Boat Logistics Car Transport Service enables us to move your car or vehicle for you. This service is provided to transport cars or transport vehicles for individuals or companies alike throughout Australia.

Our Protected Car Transportation Support or automobile transport is provided using CEVA’s Show Surrounded Service provider (EEC). The EEC can have vehicles, or alternative automobiles, over two patios. This is a completely enclosed automobile and is available for customers who require completely enclosed car transport or completely enclosed car holding service. We can also provide a reverse phone lookup with our other completely enclosed vehicle

Car Transport We provides a specialized service using our RAPT to meet race car and prestige vehicle transport requirements. Unique to this service is the hydraulic lift which is used to load and unload vehicles. This method of loading and unloading vehicles eliminates the use of traditional ramps. This is particularly attractive when you need to transport sports cars, transport prestige cars or transport race cars. Car Transport Interstate RAPT vehicles are completely enclosed which offers added security and protection during the transport of vehicles.

Included in the Competition and Reputation Transportation Service providing is a professional manager whose automobile knowledge helps with automobile goes. The planner’s role is to routine, track and observes our RAPT automobiles and their motions.

Car Transport Australia has developed a good support to transportation motorbikes. The support was released into the market after performing comprehensive research and examining. The support cuddles the motorbikes front side tire and is suitable for most on and off road tire sizes. Once the top side tire is kept in place, the rear wheel is secured using a band over the tire. The safety of the vehicle during transportation is vitally important.

Boat Logistics provides a range of specialist services including vehicle storage and vehicle processing throughout Car Transport Australia. We provide vehicle storage at our sites for private clients as well as corporate clients. We also offer a comprehensive range of processing services for vehicle importers (de-waxing, compliance plating and accessory fitment).



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