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Boat Logistics Pros for shipping boats in containers

Boat Logistics which can not fit into a container for shipping must be shipped as a boat on trailer (or) or boat on cradle (break-bulk) Service. This service is charged per cubic meter, so reducing the overall dimensions can save you shipping costs by removing windscreens, masts, keels, t-tops, radars etc.

We recommend that 2nd hand Boat Transport & trailers are cleaned and are Heat shrink wrapped prior to shipping to help avoid additional quarantine washing and fumigation charges. All 2nd Hand Boats and Yachts are subject to a mandatory Quarantine Inspection, and must be unpacked at a Quarantine Approved Premise (QAP), fumigating your boat or yacht will NOT stop Australian Quarantine from inspecting your boat or yacht on arrival, if it is 2nd hand it will be inspected regardless of what prior cleaning or treatment is done at origin.

We can also offer various other services to assist your yacht or boat importing

  • Road Transport for boats or yachts on trailer or cradle in the Melbourne and Europe
  • Boat/Yacht Cleaning in the Australia
  • Cradle Construction for boats/yachts without or too large for boat/yacht trailers
  • Full Risk Insurance to/from anywhere in the world for boats and yachts
  • Reduce Boat/Yacht Dimensions by removing radars, windscreens and other parts of the boat/yacht to reduce the overall dimensions to either reduce shipping costs or to fit your boat or yacht into a container
  • Escrow Secure Payments – Our transporters can present a cashier’s cheque to the seller in exchange for your boat/yacht for guaranteed payment security

Boat transport Underwater Strategies operates a vessel and luxury boat package discuss service from any of our packers in Melbourne Australia, Boat Transport Australia as well as vessel package discuss services from Melbourne Australia. Do you have a vessel which needs to be shifted across land? Show Boat Transportation is a professional vessel and underwater art transport company in accordance with the Silver Shore in Old.

We can shift all kinds of boat, from a little dinghy to a 34 ft cruiser motorcycle. We also focus on a water-to-water support for vessels up to 27 ft in dimension – preserve raising fee costs.

  • Boat transport
  • Truck transport
  • Caravan transport
  • Light machinery transport
  • Horse floats

Should you require trailer Boat Transport, we can make arrangements for door to door delivery anywhere within Australia.


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