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Commercial Windows Cleaning Services

Commercial window cleaning was the first service offered by OCS over 100 years ago, although the window cleaning services we provide today are a far cry from a man with a ladder.

Our screen cleaners work on some of the nation’s most difficult and challenging structures and follow a variety of alternatives such as abseiling advanced level screen washing, cradle-based access equipment, cellular metal systems and cellular increase working systems Melbourne Housekeeping.

As professional screen cleaners, we have qualified our employees to use PDA technological innovation, eliminating the need for management and documentation and providing added value to you. Most of all, our PDA technological innovation guarantees that all our employees have the correct techniques at their fingers and are fully certified with the rules.

To give you added peace of mind, our teams are continuously trained in Health and Safety when carrying out high level window cleaning services, and their competence is regularly tested at national, trade organization and company level. Keeping clean and clean offices is vital to representing a professional business picture. Carpeting and flooring surfaces signify a significant investment, however all too often their continuous care is neglected and, even over a almost no time this ignore can be apparent to visitors and employees as well Outsourced Housekeeping Melbourne.

Lexy Group combines a unique system with the most advanced equipment, operated exclusively by highly qualified technicians. Key benefits of the system include:-

  • A unique programmed, designed around your specific requirements
  • Detailed analysis and planning for proven best outcomes
  • Full restoration and maintenance programmers, breathing new life into your carpets
  • A fast response service with quick-dry deep cleaning, leaving you free to get on with business
  • Advanced equipment and carpet cleaning specialists, ensuring outstanding quality

If you require high level window cleaning or any other types of commercial window cleaning services, contact us today Melbourne Commercial Cleaning Services.


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