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Commercial boat transport from the worlds

Boat Logistics not only deal with pleasure craft but also the transport of wide range of commercial boats including work boats, hovercraft, military RIBs, barges, fishing vessels, catamarans, patrol boats and survey boats.

Boat Transport have secured close working relationships with many of the heavy lift ship owners around the world and co-ordinates transport options using these vessels, while providing its own specialist boat loaders, surveyors, and cradles and lifting equipment.

We also hold details of many of these vessels allowing us too quickly and accurately assess which ships would be suitable for the task, draft stowage plans and present well thought out yet cost effective transportation solutions for craft of all weights and dimensions

Boat Transport Interstate has become symbolic of helping rushing groups and occasion organizers to transportation entire boating and powerboat strategies around the world, allowing organizers to schedule frequent occasion in far flung parts of the world. Boat logistics successfully moved many containers to 8 countries across 4 continents as part of the Extreme Sailing Series. Artemis Rushing have been using boat logistics only in 2010 and 2011 for the activity of our Extreme40 catamaran on the Excessive Boating Sequence international routine. Despite the complex different locations in such places as the Center Eastern, Chinese suppliers, Poultry, the USA, the UK and back to Mediterranean sea European countries, we have had a absolutely stress-free year in regards to having accessibility our race-boat in time for our coaching before every occasion.

Boat Transport Australia will assistance The Cowers to Monte-Carlo Powerboat Grandpre in which 50 vessels wills competition between 11 places, in 5 nations over 15 days. Peters & May will shift the competition town, organizers devices and groups extra parts via street between each town and also offer airfreight alternatives if extra devices are required more quickly. Our staff has many years experience in international trade services operations, and are familiar with the specific documentary and certification requirements for shipments to all corners of the world. As professionals in Characters of Credit, we will help eliminate your contact with financial risk, and reduce your working costs by managing all certification procedures as your representative.


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