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Cleaning Windows More Window Washing Hints

if necessary, dust off the window and sill with a clean paintbrush. Excess dust and water can cause mud. Use a professional-type squeegee available for about $20 at a janitorial supply store. Forget the cheap brands you find at the grocery store. They are not as effective, and you have to replace the whole thing once you get a nick in the blade.

Don’t clean windows while they are in direct sunlight. Your cleaning solution will dry too fast.
Dip a 100% cotton cleaning cloth in your solution. Wring out the excess and then wipe the window to loosen dirt. Grab your squeegee. Start each squeegee stroke in a dry spot. Wipe a strip with a cleaning cloth to get started Melbourne Commercial Cleaning Services.

Squeegee in a pattern from top to bottom, or side to side. If you clean the outside and the inside, Work top to bottom on the inside and side to side on the outside. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify which side any streaks left behind is on. Keep the squeegee blade dry by wiping it with a cleaning cloth after each stroke. Replace the blade when necessary. Even the smallest nick can cause streaking. Don’t have a squeegee? Use newspaper for drying freshly washed windows. It’s cheaper and leaves no lint behind.

More Window Washing Hints

Wash windows on a cloudy, but not rainy day. This is the best time to vacuum the frames and sills. Cool, clear water is the choice of most professional window washers. If windows are very dirty you can add 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar per gallon of water. For drying windows, a wad of crumpled newspaper works just as well as expensive paper towels. Wear rubber gloves to keep your hands free of ink. Cleaning Window Sills to remove spots rub the surface with rubbing alcohol. Removing Tar Spots Use paste wax to remove tar from floors Carpet Cleaning Commercial. This works on shoes too.

Candle Wax

for spilled wax on carpets and upholstery, put a brown paper bag over the dried wax and run a hot iron over it. The bag will absorb the hot wax.
Dried wax on wood floors can be removed by softening the wax with a hair dryer, then removing with paper towels. Wash spot down with a combination of vinegar and water.

Cleaning Soiled Shirt Collars

Take a small paintbrush and brush hair shampoo into soiled shirt collars before laundering. Shampoo is made to dissolve body oils. Cleaning Combs and Brushes Use a combination of baking soda and hot water to clean hair brushes and combs Housekeeping services Melbourne.

Removing Deodorant Stains from Washables

Sponge area with white vinegar. If stain remains, soak with denatured alcohol. Wash with detergent in hottest water safe for fabric. Cleaning Glass Table Tops Clean by rubbing with a little lemon juice, dry with paper towels and polish with newspaper for a sparkling table. Toothpaste will remove small scratches from glass. Cleaning Marble To remove stains, sprinkle salt on a fresh cut lemon. Rub very lightly over stain. Do not rub hard or you will ruin the polished surface. Wash off with soap and water.


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