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Welcome to Boat Logistics and Boat Transport in Melbourne

We are dedicated to international and household luxury boat transport for pleasure luxury yachts, veins, sailboats, boat, large workboats, patrol veins, speed veins, research veins, and catamarans. All international boat transport tracks are covered. We are a licensed insured Australian Government approved by the Federal Historic Commission to perform journey boat charters globally, as well as on requirement conference line services with every week sailings for luxury boat and boat transport. We are essentially a international luxury boat transport agency. We ship veins from Melbourne Australia, Med, Japan, Dubai, Russian federation, and Adriatic Shore.

We protect all periodic tracks for boat and luxury Boat Transport and support our customers’ needs with on requirement support and rental expeditions to all destinations. The partnership with Dock wise Yacht Transport allows us to implement their amazing and unique navy of semi-submersible delivers to provide most reliable support along following tracks :  U.S. East Shore (Newport, Rhode Island and Port Everglades, Florida), the Mediterranean sea (Toulon, France; Genoa and Taranto, Italy; Marwari’s, Turkey; Palma de Mallorca, Spain), the Caribbean (St. Johnson and Martinique) , the Hawaiian Western Shore (Golf to, Costa Rica) and the South Hawaiian (Pipette, Tahiti; Auckland, New Zealand; and Queensland, Australia).

Interstate Boat Transport offers complete and turnkey transport strategies plans to our customers which include household boat transporting by truck to running slots, building a custom support to support luxury yachts in transport, organizing running and release functions with stevedores and load experts. We take care of all aspects and protect all the angles in luxury boat and boat transport to guarantee our customers satisfaction. The transport of luxury yachts and veins does not have to be a hassle. By employing our expertise and relationships in the luxury boat transport industry, we make luxury boat and boat transport as smooth and easy as possible.

By using various methods of transport such as Raise On Raise Off, Drift on – Drift Off, Move On – Move Off, Deck Freight, Flat Rack systems and 40ft storage containers, our group is able to provide the least expensive boat transport solution for our customers depending on the size of the Boat Transport Australia, vacation location and schedule required. By extension, we save a lot of money for our customers. Our group is experienced and dedicated to providing the best possible support at the cheapest. In addition we work side to side with several manufacturers, brokers and other providers assisting them in closing new sales and increasing their earnings. We have all the right tools at our disposal and implement all of the latest today’s technology.


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