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Shopping Center & Corporate Office Cleaning Service

Our expertise in providing cleaning services for shopping centers and retail outlets ranges from our local neighborhood centers, through to major shopping centre complexes and showrooms.

Lexy Group has been able to obtain the biggest stage of public responsibility common policy, offering the stage of security that our customers requirement. We understand that no two areas are the same and Lexy Group experience and size means we can look after any shopping center, retail outlet store or large building provide manufacturing facilities.

Our services include:
• Car park & outside cleaning
• Food court cleaning
• Graffiti removal
• Emergency cleans
• Hygiene & washroom services and supplies
• Security

At Apartment Cleaning Melbourne we understand that just as all our clients’ businesses differ, so do their cleaning requirements. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to design the best value service to suit their individual needs.

Hospital Cleaning Service

We understand that Hospitality cleaning is very different to any other. We recognize the necessity to transform premises from often a soiled appearance to a clean, bold & polished presentation on a daily basis.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne Our specialization in the hospitality cleaning area gives us the experience, knowledge and ability to deliver the demanding high standards so essential in the hospitality industry.  Lexy Group clients in the hospitality industry range from small operations and cafés to key groups.

Lexy Group needs that all staff has current cop’s assessments guaranteeing our reliability; loyalty and performance are second to none. This plays a role in Lexy Team popularity being highly identified and respected by our kindness customers.  The services at Lexy Team also increase to features, events and enjoyment locations.

Outsourced Housekeeping Melbourne knows that quality and reliability in cleanliness and cleanliness is crucial for the wellness of kids and the surroundings in which they spend some time. Through our looking after and understanding strategy, we have developed strong and faithful connections with numerous educational institutions and daycare facilities. We are highly dedicated to the education and daycare industry and can work in and around university hours, team conferences and planning university holiday cleaning to match team and kids.


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