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Lexy Group Council and Government Service Melbourne

Lexy Group is sensitive to the needs of servicing Government agencies and we understand the specific protocol and process required in servicing this specialized industry.

Lexy Group requires that all staff have current police checks and we can ensure total reliability, honesty and efficiency. We are intensely conscious that maintenance Gov divisions requires the highest of customer privacy and comfort and Lexy Team can guarantee that all team providing this market is carefully chosen based on encounter and market particular knowledge. Whether it be Local, State or Federal Govt, Lexy Team has both the expertise and encounter to provide a specific service to this market industry.

Through our understanding in selecting the right people to work within these surroundings, we have efficiently provided the results that are valued by both team and citizens as well.  Our Commercial Cleaning Service are always conscious of customer’s particular needs, often closing washing periods and planning washing plans to suit team plans, viewing hours and other particular elderly care facility requirements.

We understand that there is a requirement for medical sites, especially medical centers and assisted living facilities, to maintain a sanitary and breathtaking site at all periods. We can meet this requirement due to our looking after, professional team as well as regular functional assessments to ensure full conformity at all periods. Our Staff are properly trained and conscious of Work-related Health and Issues of safety as well as the importance of in complete confidence and comfort.

Melbourne Housekeeping offers a ‘one stop shop’ experience in servicing buildings from regular cleaning services, carpet and window cleaning, hard floor cleaning and re-sealing, supply of washroom and paper products and other specialist services including waste removal, hygiene services and environmental recycling, just to name a few. Lexy Group takes the hassle out of enlisting a variety of suppliers to service your building needs by providing an all-round personalized service complying with Occupational, Health and Safety regulations at all times.

Lexy Group Cleaning Services Australia can tailor a cleaning program to manufacturing sites of all sizes, ranging from the transport industry to the pharmaceutical industry. Our cleaning teams are available around the clock to ensure no operational disruptions to your business.  At Housekeeping companies Melbourne we understand that safety is a priority at your workplace. Our cleaners are fully trained and inducted into each site allowing us to offer a great cleaning service to you while complying with current Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Along with our regular industrial cleaning program we can also incorporate more specialized manufacturing cleaning solutions as they are needed in your workplace.


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