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You Deserve the Comfort Boat Logistics

You can count on us! We offer you the service because we back the work we do. Ultra Tune Roadside Assistance is provided throughout Australia from over 240 centers.

These are the benefits that our policy offers:


  • Full phone assist
  • Up to 5 Call-outs or Tows(within the service limits during the 12 month period from the date of purchase)
  • 24 Hr National Service Coverage
  • 24 Hr Breakdown & Vehicle Recovery (with extended Service Limits)
  • 24 Hr Telephone Technical Assistance
  • Flat Tyre Assistance
  • Flat Battery Assistance
  • Out of Fuel Service Assistance
  • Lock-out, Lost Key and Key Retrieval Service
  • Remote breakdown location Accommodation contribution
  • Remote breakdown location Taxi contribution

Every summer time an incredible number of Aussies take to the roadways and streets in search of fun, sun, and experience with Boat Transport Australia.  Car trouble, usually due to ignored precautionary servicing, delivers an unexpected end to holiday plans. The situation usually means more than just a repair invoice. It can include hauling expenses, accommodations and possibly a rental-car.  This situation usually can be prevented with a per-vacation examination conducted by the vehicle owner or a certified automobile specialist.

So take a while to make sure that your automobile is prepared to take you to heaven.  All it requires is a few moments of precautionary servicing in your drive way and you can help remove time of expensive on-the-road issues with Boat Transport.

The following products consist of factors that most people can do for themselves very quickly just by studying the car’s owner’s guide.  If you do not have time or absence the assurance to do these factors yourself, take it to your regional Super Track Support Center and have them provide the car a good going over.  If your automobile is due for other frequent servicing in enough time you are away, get it done before you keep mind on Boat Transport Interstate.  However you select to preparation your automobile does it at least per 7 days or so before the journey, so that if the car needs any maintenance it can be done before your holiday.


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