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IT Support Technologies Service in Melbourne

You recognize that, in the course of the performance of this contract, you may have access to details and emails, such as exclusive details stated to be exclusive, key, or private, and which comprises the exclusive property and business methods of Victoria IT (“Confidential Information”).

You accept to sustain the privacy of the Confidential Information and to use the Confidential Information only to the level necessary for genuine business uses in relationship with this contract. Upon demand of Victoria IT or on cancellations or expiry of this contract with IT Support Melbourne, you shall come back the Confidential Information of Victoria IT then in your ownership to Victoria IT. Nothing in this contract shall prevent or restrict your use of details which (a) is now, or hereafter becomes, openly known or available through legal means; (b) is truly in your ownership, as confirmed by your records; (c) is revealed to you without private or exclusive limitation by a third celebration who truly offers and truly reveals the information; (d) is individually designed by you without any breach of this agreement; (e) is the topic of an itemized authorization to reveal offered by Victoria IT.

If we get observe of, or otherwise become aware that you have did not adhere to any supply of this AUP, moreover to any other privileges of Victoria IT under this contract, you believe the fact that PC Repairs Melbourne IT may instantly take remedial activity, such as revocation of any and all Solutions, or, in the case of Victoria IT, ending this contract. In the occasion that any such remedial activity due to a breach of the AUP happens, Victoria IT shall not come back to you any charges compensated to Victoria IT prior to such remedial activity.

Computer Repairs Melbourne IT shall not be responsible for failing or wait in doing its responsibilities under this contract if such failing or wait is due to conditions beyond its affordable control, such as, without limitation, functions of any government body, war, insurrection, destroy, embargo, flame, overflow, attack or other work interference, disruption of or wait in transport, unavailability of or disruption or wait in telecoms or third celebration services, failing of third celebration software or lack of ability to acquire raw components, provides, or power used in or the equipment for supply of the Solutions.


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