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Commercial Cleaning Services Standard Packages

As professional washing professionals we are available to talk about and pass on our advice & professional skills to customize a washing program to meet the needs of your professional property. We focus on schedule servicing & management of difficult hard floor areas, carpeting, furniture, window & glass and stress clean specifications.

We have the experience, knowledge & skills to accomplish all of your washing needs Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Our staff are inducted, properly qualified and monitored. All our equipment & equipment is designed especially for professional washing, is consistently examined & managed, managed & marked and are industrially sound to succeed in servicing the professional customer. Our washing products and materials are quality accepted and eco-friendly.

Clean windows have a huge effect on the overall look and feel of a property or commercial building. Regular cleans of your windows and balustrades keep them looking great and prevent the buildup of salt and hard minerals which can damage the cup if left uncontrolled hard floor maintenance Melbourne. Our cup washing services include great or low level washing, water-fed rod, underhand h2o washing and much more to suit your property.

We can customize a washing program to match an entire high-rise, multi-level, or even a strata-titled developing, or chosen areas within the developing. This can include a complete washing service outlining everything such as the car-park, external surfaces, windows, and complete inner office washing, or any one of these.

Bring your carpeting back again by eliminating spots, dirt and invisible nastiest from your personal or professional building.

We offer the following and much more!

  • Residential and professional rug cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Wet rug restoration
  • Underhand cleaning
  • Fabric cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning

We do all this by keeping your rug dry so there is no pattern or damp odors following our visit.

A standard water emergency can happen anywhere at any time. You’d be surprised how damaging standard water can be, whether it’s from surging, extreme weather, hot standard water heater leaks, dishwashing or washer over flow on Commercial Cleaning Melbourne. We use fans & underhand standard water extractions.

We work with your insurer to make sure the job is completed to your standard from beginning to end. We use state of the art equipment that will be making your commercial or premises’ space clean, dry and straight forward. Leaving standard water drenched carpet and upholstery can result in mold, structural complications and sickness.


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