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Best Cleaning Services Australia

Lexy Group extremely thorough professional steam cleaning combined with regular vacuuming not only boosts the health and longevity of your carpet, it can do the same for your clients and family.

  1. Pre-start inspection by a member of the management team to
    • Collect key and confirm alarm procedures
    • Confirm internal security requirements
    • Confirm access and service frequencies
    • Determine cleaner storage area
    • To deliver cleaner communication book and confirm contact details.

And when possible introduce cleaner to client.

  1. Onsite training

The cleaning manager will attend at each cleaning service of your facility until they are satisfied that the cleaner fully understand the requirements of the service to be performed.

Two of the largest financial investments of your home and office are the carpeting and furniture Commercial Cleaning Melbourne. Protecting that installation is of tremendous importance from both a design and a fiscal standpoint. Dirt, pests, staining, pets and odor are the biggest threats to the beauty, longevity and usefulness of both. GSR CLEANING SERVICES uses a method known as steam cleaning to guarantee the best possible results. The hot-water steam extraction process not only breaks down the soil and other ground-in contaminants, but also disinfects harmful germs.

The temperatures reached by our high-quality bonded equipment can even destroy the eggs other pests leave behind ensuring better health to your customers and your family. We have packages to fit every budget and due to our passion for getting things done right, you’ll only need to have this done twice per year for maximum results hard floor maintenance Melbourne.

As anyone who has seen carpeting replaced knows, the amount of staining, debris, pest detritus, dust, dirt and other unmentionables underneath is tremendous.  All those things affect much more than your pocket: they affect your health and well-being Recovery Cleaning Services Melbourne.  Environmental studies show that due to poor maintenance, indoor air quality can be much worse than the air outdoors and this in turn can be physically harmful to young and old alike, and can create or significantly exacerbate respiratory and allergy issues.


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