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Export Quality Car Transport Service in Melbourne

Auto Logistics provides tailored transport solution to individuals, Businesses and Organizations.
Our aim to provide a Reliable, Clean and Affordable transport service while also providing a high standard of comfort and safety.

Our Ultra Plus maintenance service includes:

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Road test
  • Brake and fluid condition report
  • Tyre pressure and condition report
  • Steering and suspension check
  • Cooling system and condition test
  • Lights, wipers, battery and electrical check
  • Full vehicle written safety report
  • Tune up available on request

All our vehicles have Accreditation (VHA/VHB or Bus registration) issued by the State Government of Victoria. For your extra safety all our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking devices. Boat Transport Interstate limo support in Victoria provides the highest levels of support and comfort. We continually evaluate our motorists who are hand-picked for their stability, professionalism, stability, stability, ability to drive and “customer first” focus.

If your car is more than one year old, or has done over 30,000 kilometers, it may need an Ultra 2000 Fuel System Service. Over time, carbon, dirt, gum and varnish can build up within the critical components of your car’s fuel system, resulting in poor engine performance. Left untreated, it can lead to costly engine repairs with Boat transport Australia. The Super 2000 Energy Program Support is carried out by trained Super Track professionals using a unique cleaning soap that is assured not to damage you car’s innovative components. Ask for the Super 2000 Energy Program Support with your next optimization.

And because Boat Transport Service Centers are able to carry out servicing to Producers Guide Requirements and can also fix and service your braking system, revocation and fatigue systems, your navy is in very good hands. Fleet also helps to control your navy control costs with set price car maintenance, completely itemized specific confirming, the performance of main payments, and the satisfaction of a Nationwide 6 month or 10,000 distance assurance (whichever happens first) on all work.


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