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Benefits at a Glance for Boat Logistics

We understand fleet business needs and can tailor service programs that are both efficient and economical. With the Ultra Fleet System and the Ultra Tune Card for Fleet, we have taken the hassle out of managing a car fleet.

  • Ability to complete full servicing to Manufacturer’s Handbook Specifications.
  • National coverage with over 200 Ultra Tune Service Centers around Australia.
  • Ability to tailor service programs to meet your individual fleet management needs.
  • Your one stops shop – offering service and repairs for mechanical, brake, suspension and exhaust systems.
  • Peace of mind with all works backed by a National 6 month or 10,000 kilometer warranty (whichever comes first).
  • The ultimate in cost control with detailed reporting and central billing.
  • Quick vehicle turnaround and flexible booking times.

Boat Transport Interstate Shocks help to management the activity of your car’s rises and revocation. They play an important part in your car’s capability to speed up, travel and stop with safety and management by keeping your wheels in road get in touch with at all times.

Any time that a tire’s get in touch with the ground is damaged or reduced, your automobile abilities, guide and braking mechanism is seriously affected.

Monroe and other leading automobile experts suggest that you have a trained professional examine your surprise absorbers for signs of wear every 20,000 km. There are three factors to what Monroe call ‘The Protection Triangle’ – avoiding, guiding and balance – which indicates your braking system, car tires and shocks need to work together at highest possible performance to make sure your safety on, and off, the street to the Boat Transport Australia. If any part of The Protection Triangular fights effectively, you will be placing yourself – and others – at threat.

At 50kmh, a single used absorber can add up to 2 meters to your avoiding range – and that is approximately the size of a people crossing!

When you generate on an irregular area, your car tires jump off of the street. Surprise absorbers force them back into place so you will not reduce your capability to management and guide your automobile Boat Transport. Worn shocks are also a significant factor to tire use, so as well as safety and management you will also experience better value and long life from your car tires.


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