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One Stop Cleaning Solutions in Melbourne

Lexy Hospitality doesn’t just clean your rooms – we take away all the other “associated” housekeeping arms – if you wish. We will manage the linen hire and supply of bathroom amenities, coffee/tea etc, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

The Higher education has over 1,000 learners and 130 team on site every day. The property involve the Common Learning Places, Technology labs, Technology and Design classes, large performance locations as well as general management and team areas. Lexy Team have designed a cleaning program to ensure that the Higher education property are managed to a very high conventional and in a way that does not affect the everyday functions of the university.

“During Lexy Team period at the Higher education, they have confirmed a practical strategy to utilizing best practice washing actions with the release of eco-friendly washing products and techniques Commercial Cleaning Melbourne. Their passion for providing any new washing abilities is extensive and adjusts with the Universities wish for decreasing our ecological impact.

“Over the years that Lexy Team has been on panel, the size of the Higher education has expanded and Lexy Team has been very versatile with modifications to not only the routine of designed washing but also the level of the washing. They have a clear knowing that the characteristics of the Higher education will require constant variation to their techniques and routine.

“Lexy Team has also been very tuned in to ad hoc demands for additional and somewhat unknown washing demands Outsourced Housekeeping Melbourne. For example, our wish to remodel the Higher education Church required the ablation of the stone flooring surfaces. Lexy Team was able to quickly source such a service and have the perform estimated, planned and finished to a very great conventional within a very short time period.

“The washing team is very helpful and diligent. While they mostly perform after university hours, they are well known to our team and will go out of their way to improve programs if university actions go beyond the predicted times to the Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. While it is not often identified by the employees, the hygiene of the Higher education is identified as a real difference between ourselves and our sis Good Samaritan Universities along the southern seaboard.

“I would certainly suggest Lexy Team to other schools as a company of top quality washing services


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