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Building Project Inspection and Occupation

Even if you are not quite finished we can get started cleaning and preparing your site for a smooth transition to full operation.

There is always a lot to do to get a building site ready for occupation and our teams are highly motivated, well prepared and time conscious. From rubbish and construction waste removal, window cleaning, to waxing, polishing and sanitizing let Lexy ensure your new building looks its finest for the big day Outsourced Housekeeping Melbourne.

Proper steam cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing of your carpets will always create a top notch impression on clients and a happier work environment.

Keeping your carpets in top condition with our regular commercial cleaning service will always present your company in the best possible light and represent a great return on investment. We are not just a cleaning company, but a deliverer of quality service. Our goal is to be the leader in our field – in providing quality service with excellence. We are totally committed to providing cost effective, high-quality cleaning services to our clients by working closely with the client to establish the appropriate service for their needs and communicate openly with them.

Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne understands the importance of cleanliness in medical facilities, and offers specialized medical cleaning services across Australia.

Features of our high-rise cleaning services include:

  • maintenance of large, multi-story buildings throughout all regions
  • site managers to oversee and manage all day to day aspects of the cleaning requirements, with the assistance of area managers
  • cleaning all aspects of high-rise buildings, inside and out, from offices, carpets and inside glass to external glass (using platforms and abseiling where required)
  • A fully dedicated Business Maintenance Unit.

Since the new agreement started, Lexy Group have ongoing to provide a high standard in washing solutions at all features, whilst also supporting and applying a number of other additional solutions, i.e. Melbourne Cleaning Services solutions, external window washing, cleaning products, venture washing, etc.


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