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Latest Car Shipping Specialization in Melbourne

Bike Logistics a range of Tri-specific bikes from Specialized and Wilier. Cut through the air on some of the most aerodynamic bikes in the world. We are proud to offer models like the S-Works Shiva, Special zed’s Transition series and Twin Foil and Blade series to help you ride faster, for longer in more comfort. If you already have a Tri bike make the ultimate performance upgrade with a personalized Multi-Sport/TT Fit from one of Erik’s Fit Specialists.

Once you have your fit dialed in Erik’s Bike and Board carries a full range of Tri specific components to help you cut weight form your Car Transport and increase aerodynamics. With an awesome selection of aero wheels from the biggest brands in the industry including Zip, HED, Mad Fiber, Magic, Easton and Lightweight making your bike faster, lighter, and more aero has never been easier.

Finish off the ultimate tri Car Transport Interstate with aero bars from Profile Designs, electronics from Garmin and Polar, pedals from Speed play, Shimano, Time and Look and shoes, helmets and eyewear from top brands like Specialized, Laser, Oakley and Tiffs. Check out the free shipping deals available on eriksbikeshop.com or head into your local Erik’s Tri Specialist Store for personal assistance with all your Triathlon and multi-sport needs.

We stand behind every item we sell. If an item does not meet your objectives, simply return it. We guarantee a refund for a twelve month. After one season, we’ll offer an exchange, repair, or shop credit score to ensure you have the item that fits your needs Car Transport Australia. If you’ve lost your invoice, we’ll offer a shop credit score at our current price.


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