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Shipping your Car Australia

Bike Logistics is a specialized freight & customs service for all motorcycles internationally.

• We ship motorcycles via Air, Sea & Road Freight.
• We Customs & Quarantine clear all motorcycles.
• We crate, uncrate, & dispose of your crate.
• We insure your motorcycle whilst in transit.
• We, DELIVER your motorcycle.

Car Transport FREE advice and discounted rates apply to all core motorcycle enthusiasts such as:

• Tourists- We is the travel agent for your bike.
• Dealers, Distributors & Motorcycle Industry Bodies.
• Tour Groups, Race Events & Corporate Road Shows.
• Motorcycle Media – TV, Film & Press.

Our Worldwide Car Transport Australia Shipping & Traditions providers are as devoted as we are in offering the RIGHT solution for you. We discuss each other person’s local knowledge and interest to make client care each and every time.

It depends on what heavy machine(s) you are looking to ship and the start/end location; however there are certainly some common procedures in heavy machinery Car Transport Interstate shipping.

  • We manage site pick-up and distribution for you.
  • In some situations we can take apart them to fit in traditional bins which is normally the most affordable option, though this is not always possible and the price to take apart sometimes exceeds the price benefits.
  • Preparation of the device is very important to prevent the devices being refused or charging lots of money in washing and purification when it comes in the nation. If you are uncertain then we can do the washing for you to make sure no dust or pollution is present.
  • We gather your devices and take care of all the traditions and slot requirements, if cranes are needed to raise your devices then we can manage it all for you.
  • Non-operational large devices can be maintained by us where a primary mistake has happened i.e. smooth battery power, wheels, gas problems and more.
  • Loading and lashing is managed by knowledgeable experts who understand running factors and weight submission. You can be assured your valuable devices will not move unnecessarily during transportation.
  • We manage devices disassembly to make it configurable for less expensive devices delivery.
  • On appearance we will pre-clear your devices with traditions so there are no keep ups with examination by isolate. Should your device need to be cleaned for isolate approval we have excellent connections with the slots and clean coves to get your device eliminated and off the slot as soon as possible.

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