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Car Transportation Services in Melbourne Australia

Bike Logistics offers dealers a extensive solution to your car shipping needs. We understand the car dealer´s unique and extensive automatic moving specifications such as sales, supplier trades and everything in between.

It may not even be the lack of money that has the Car Transport completely up on the kickstand, but the worry that comes with reducing economical conditions, problems over ongoing profession and costs that seem to create with each shifting 30 days. But just as clients have customized their making investment workouts to pay, riders can shift devices on how they generate and in convert take more time on the road.

Other benefits can be found as carefully as your insurance policy protection card. Analyzing the motorcycle insurance policy protection every year, ensuring it has been included with your home and auto guidelines can make the cost of having a bike that much less.  Clutch system i465 black and Chrome includes motorcycle insurance policy protection, what it is and how much a driver should have in its article ‘All about Car Transport Australia Insurance’.

You no longer have to ship solo, hoping everything goes smoothly! Developed for riders, by riders, our custom shipping solutions will help you ship your bike with ease.

When you ship with BIKEFLIGHTS you’ll:

  • Save up to 70% off ground, express + freight rates.
  • Receive personal, quality support.
  • Avoid surprise shipping charges.
  • Relax as your bike is delivered on time, guaranteed*.

Our suppliers operate a variety of devices for various kinds of vehicles, light vehicles, vehicles and SUVs such as roll-backs for inoperable vehicles, enclosed suppliers for high end vehicles, or full-sized movie trailer able of moving up to 10 vehicles at a time. Our service is door-to-door, we do not use devices. For your included security, we are fully certified, covered and covered Car Transport Australia.


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