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Auto Logistics Car Transport for Safety Equipment

Auto Logistics is proud to be a bicycle friendly transit system and encourages bicyclists to use our services to complete journeys to work or to explore our great region. In the interest of customer safety and convenience, we do place some limitations on when and where bicycles may be permitted. The following policy is intended to serve as a guide for using your bicycle on Auto Logistics.

Bicycle Basics, Safety & Etiquette

Most of our vehicles can accommodate bicycles, which we define as two-wheeled, manually powered or electrically assisted vehicles. Folding bicycles are permitted on all vehicles at all times.

Remember the following simple guidelines when planning your trip. Please avoid blocking doorways, interfering with the free movement of passengers, the operation of the vehicle, and the safety of the operation. Please do not place your bicycle on a seat or in a space needed for passenger seating Car Transport Interstate. Persons with bicycles on trains must use the same space provided to accommodate persons who use wheelchairs or have other mobility limitations. Please be prepared to yield the space to a person with mobility limitations, even if that requires leaving the train.

Please make sure you are able to physically lift, properly store, and unload your own equipment. Please walk alongside your bicycle in our facilities, and only use stairways and elevators to enter or exit. Please do not use escalators. If you have a folding bicycle, please make sure it is fully collapsed before bringing it onto a vehicle as luggage. Otherwise, guidelines for non-folding bicycles will apply. Vehicle operators and train crews are responsible for assessing conditions and implementing these guidelines based on their best judgment.

In case of emergency evacuation, all bicycles must remain on the vehicle. For this reason, we encourage you to affix owner identification information to your bicycle to assist in its return. The top side of every Car Transport bus and trackless cart is prepared with a motorcycle holder. Each holder can keep two bikes. Bicycles are allowed on bus and trackless cart shelves at all times without limitations. Please eliminate all items fitted to the bike before running it onto the holder.


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