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Sussex Business and Home IT Services

Call us today to get your problems fixed!

Xpress Tex Computers specialize in business and home IT services and we are your one stop source for PC servicing, Laptop repair, servicing and support.


Computer Repair Made Simple

1. Bring your pc, laptop or MAC to us, or we can collect.
2. We diagnose the faults FOR FREE.
3. We call you to tell you the repair price.
4. Your computer is repaired and payment is made upon collection.
5. We provide an after service on all repairs.

Should your pc be defective above and beyond YOUR cost-effective fix price, you pay NOTHING under our NO FIX NO FEE plan. You also take benefits of our in shop FIXED PRICE SERVICES so no issue how long it requires us, your price is FIXED in IT Support Melbourne. This is especially useful for malware, Virus, viruses and malware washing.

We also provide a home contact out assistance and you pay NO CALL OUT price and we price in 15 moment prevents rather than on an hourly basis, please contact for more details.

Later editions of Microsoft Company Microsoft windows have tried to modify for this with the start-up fix choice and unsuccessful. This is where PC Repairs Melbourne Computer systems can help. We have innovative professional resources and programs to get your program up and operating again and even if your difficult generate has unsuccessful, we have resources to try and restore this details at an appropriate price.

Our PC & Laptop Health Check service will ensure that your system is working at its full potential by performing a vast amount of hardware and software checks,


•    Full Virus and Trojan System Scan
•    Potential Threat Removal
•    Update Essential Windows Files
•    Update System Security
•    Hard Drive Optimization
•    Hardware Performance Tests
•    Advice on Security Packages
•    Recommended Hardware upgrades

We perform many other performance assessments on your system to ensure that it boots/loads quicker, surfing around through papers quicker and that your laptop or software applications is fully modified while being secured from any current virus & Virus risks.


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