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In Australia, road safety is about cars

While Sydney is among the world management in traffic protection in common, the focus has been on defending automobile residents. Riding a bike protection has been relatively neglected.

Serious damage prices for Bike Transport in Sydney are improving. They are several times higher than death and damage prices in the high-cycling developing nations of European nations and Asia.

In Sydney, initiatives to increase riding a bike and enhance the protection of bikers have targeted on splitting bikers from drivers. Investment in riding bike facilities has been ad hoc and inadequate.

These nations have continually applied a range of Motorcycle Transport, traffic protection and city planning actions that continually main concerns riding a bike over car travel for these trips.

Measures include establishing an extensive network of high quality bicycle routes that provide:

  • Good separation from motor vehicle traffic where appropriate
  • Good management of interactions between bicycles and cars where complete separation is not feasible.

Street precautionary features continually make the protection of bikers more important than keeping cars moving for Motorbike Transport. For example, car motorists have the obligation to avoid crashes with bikers and people on the streets. The most crucial is that the liability for damage avoidance can be found with the owner of the vehicle that can cause most harm.


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